Learning how to use shapes and lines

This week Friday Mrs Grant came to Room 6  and showed us how to you shapes and lines on Google draw .

First we had to go on the ground and sit on the mat because some of us didn’t know how to use the shape or the line on Google draw.

Then we had go on Room 6 class site to go to the Sildes for our work.we had to do 23 Sildes.

After we got to do our own drawing but using the shapes and the  line.

Finnally I had to do a Christmas tree but editing it and put present under the Christmas tree to look like santa drop it off.

One thought on “Learning how to use shapes and lines

  1. Hi Ahea,
    I really like the way you write your task description. It tells us everything you did. I think you could make your task description even better if you reflected at the end on whether you though this was helpful learning for you in the future.

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