film Festival

On Wednesday we went to Room 1 and got my buddy for the film festival. We had to go on the bus to Syvlia Park Hoyts. We went to watch our Manaiakalani movie we had made as a class.We watched other movies from other schools too.

I had to make sure I was holding my buddies hand and take him to his seat before I sat down.

Sadly, our movie wasn’t;t shown as there was a technical glitch. But we watched it at school and I felt embarrased as I saw myself on the screen.

I enjoyed watching our school’s movies. I did well at looking after my buddy. I need to improve on not getting overexcited.

One thought on “film Festival

  1. Talofa Ahea,
    I heard that you were a very responsible big buddy on the day – ka pai. Yes it can feel a bit funny seeing yourself on the big screen but you should definitely be proud of your acting skills. Lots of people have come up to me and told me how much they enjoyed your acting.

    Keep having a positive attitude and giving new things a go.

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