Year: 2024

making a puppet

This week my teacher been teaching me how to make a puppet and the steps to make them.

First you have to get thick piece of papper.

Then you had think of a animal and draw it out and cut it.

After that you have to colour it in and add some detail to.

Finally you have to cut it out and put some stick pins in the puppet.

Howick historical village

Last week wensday room 6 and room 7 went to a trip to howick historical village.

First we had go into a house where we had to do chores which was making butter but before we had tpo make butter Mrs Hollis which was one of the people that was  making butter with  us. she told us a story and the story was each boy and girl had to wake up early in the morning milking the cows once you milked the cows you had to bring the milk and the bowl with the milk in it to make the butter we had to put the milk in a  mixer bowl so we can mix the milk. We had to mix the creamy milk to turn  it into butter but we had to wait into it was mix and Mrs Hollis had to mix it first then she told 1 person to mix the milk and it wen’t along with a song it was chrun butter chrun.

Then we had two more activities to do and one was a tour around which means we could go look  around at some house and we had 20 minute of time to look around the whole village.

After we had 1 more activities which we got to  play with the toys that the olden days people played with and the ladies from  the village was telling some of our group that some maori kids from the olden days played with a poi and a rakau that kids like to play with in the olden days.

Finally we had to wait for our bus to get and the howick historcal village then we had a long ride back to school.

NZSL week

This week it was NZSL Week.

I lernt to say my name.

It was hard because i had to learn it.

And then try it with out help.

i think i did a good job at it then i did my blog post.

blaketown school environment

This week Mrs Grant and somebody spacial came along with Mrs Grant and Her name was Mrs topha.

First we had to go on our class site and go on Google maps. There were three opposition of primary school that you could have a look around their area.

Then we had to take a screen shot of their area and we had to label it so we can know what places we are talking about.

After I made a screen shot of the school and somethings near it.

Finnaly I had  to blog



Top Tip

Today Mrs Grant came in and  showed us how to make a chrome book but short cut.

First  we had to sign into our chrome and then we had to go on our class site on Room 6.

Next we saw a Google doc that we had had to copy because it said press to copy.

Then when we were  on the Google docment and make a chrome and put some of the keys and our favourite key like Ctrl + c or Ctrl D.These 2 Keys can make you Copy and duplicate.

Finally now  we had to blog.


My Pepeha

This week we had to work on our Pepha.

First I had to make  slides and put in things about my self.

After that I decorated and made it pretty and beautiful

Then I had to get some pictures of my family.

Next I took pictures as examples.

Finally I had to blog.

MT Wellington

This week before our visit to Maungarei Mountain we had to do slides to understand Maungarei Mountain .

First we had to answer simple questions and we weren’t allowed to Search It was for our prior knowledge.

After we had to type up why trig staion is at the top and write our answer in there.

Then we had to write down five facts of how volcano’s are formed . After that we had to make a volcano

diagram making our own drawing of our volcano . Next we  had to search how the Maori people

used the Volcano . Finally we had to make a slide with it .