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Top Tip

Today Mrs Grant came in and  showed us how to make a chrome book but short cut.

First  we had to sign into our chrome and then we had to go on our class site on Room 6.

Next we saw a Google doc that we had had to copy because it said press to copy.

Then when we were  on the Google docment and make a chrome and put some of the keys and our favourite key like Ctrl + c or Ctrl D.These 2 Keys can make you Copy and duplicate.

Finally now  we had to blog.


My Pepeha

This week we had to work on our Pepha.

First I had to make  slides and put in things about my self.

After that I decorated and made it pretty and beautiful

Then I had to get some pictures of my family.

Next I took pictures as examples.

Finally I had to blog.

MT Wellington

This week before our visit to Maungarei Mountain we had to do slides to understand Maungarei Mountain .

First we had to answer simple questions and we weren’t allowed to Search It was for our prior knowledge.

After we had to type up why trig staion is at the top and write our answer in there.

Then we had to write down five facts of how volcano’s are formed . After that we had to make a volcano

diagram making our own drawing of our volcano . Next we  had to search how the Maori people

used the Volcano . Finally we had to make a slide with it .

Learning how to use shapes and lines

This week Friday Mrs Grant came to Room 6  and showed us how to you shapes and lines on Google draw .

First we had to go on the ground and sit on the mat because some of us didn’t know how to use the shape or the line on Google draw.

Then we had go on Room 6 class site to go to the Sildes for our work.we had to do 23 Sildes.

After we got to do our own drawing but using the shapes and the  line.

Finnally I had to do a Christmas tree but editing it and put present under the Christmas tree to look like santa drop it off.

Malo e lelie ! My name is Ahea,

Malo e lelie ! My name is Ahea, I go to Panmure Bridge School. I am in Year 5  and my teacher is Miss Lowans. My favourite subject is  Reading and I enjoy learning about Maths .  I am good at sports and  cooking  .  My goal for this year is to To get 100 blog posts up on internet. In my spare time I like playing Sports in my own time with family members and friends. Sometimes I find it hard playing rugby and touch. 

Basic facts

This week I did my basic facts which were additions.

First I needed to start with the stopwatch to time my self  and to see how fast I am at answering the questions.

Then I needed to show miss white or miss tele’a so 1 of them can tick my work.

Next we had to make a blog post about it and i had to stop my stopwatch and my time was 2 min and 25sec.

Finnaly we had to show 1 of our teacher our work.


Ki O Rahi

This week for HPE was Ki O Rahi.

First we had to listen to coach lucas about the instuctions  for the game but we had to play paper scissors rock to get in team yellow or team red but the coach said year 5 and 4 in red team and year 6 in yellow team.

Then 2 preson from the red team had to go in the middle and some people from the red team had to make a circle. And the yellow team had a ball and the ball was a key. You had to go around the pole and use the key to unlock the pole to get a point for your team. Every pole you touch with the key  that how much point you get for your team. but the red team had to defend the yellow team so the yellow team doesn’t get a point.

Next we had 2 game  and we veser the year 6 but the time was fast so the the red team and yellow team had to switch side and we had to the same thing that the red team did.

Finally we switch side again and we had to throw the key to our teamates so they can put the key in the door so the red team get a point for their own team. I enjoyed  scoreing the point i need to inprove on sharing the key i did good at riping their tags off.


What We Share

This week for cyber smart was what we share online and  Personal Information like what public and what not public.

First we watch a video we need to see which colme we put our Personal Information in and there are 2 column  and 1 is public and the other 1 is not public.

Next we had to make a dlo and put our Information in a column like exmple our age we had to put that in a column and we had to put the word age in private column.

Then we had to show Miss White or Miss Tele’a our work then we had to blog about and what we share online.

Finally we had to show Miss tele’a our blog. i enjoyed telling what we share. I need to improve  on learning about What We Share online. I did well at telling Personal Information.

Procedural Text

This week I was doing Procedural Text.

First I had to sit on the mat and listen for instructions from the teacher and make a copy.

Next I had to do a copy of the teacher work but in our own words.

Then i had to go the dlo and name label the title and the Materials,and the End result.

Last i had to recipe explaining how to make fudge brownie .

i enjoyed explaining the fudge brownie. i did well at telling the recipe and Materials that you need to use.

i need to inprove on telling more about the recipe.

Water Filtration

This week Me and Kane have been learning about Water Filtration.

First Were deciding what to put in first the oppstions were : Sand,Rocks and Cotton Balls.

Next we were putting labeles so everybody can know what everything we put in means.

Finally We were trying to guess whats happens next so we were predicting for it to turn dirty water into clean water.