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This week for HPE was Sprint.

First Mrs Erasmus told us to warm up so we had to go on the basketball and run on the spot.

Next we had to look  for 2 partner. My 2 partner was Malosi and Loa we had to make a circle  but holding each other hand and then we had to lett go it was a big circle and we had a helper annd it was Ene and Ene  was teaching us  to stretch our  arms and legs.

Then we went into a  line but we didn’t get to pick which line we can be in Mrs Erasmus Pick the line for us up first  was the girls. We had to cheer for the girls that were runingng then up next was the boys and we  had people making it to the finals.

Finally We had to Say Thank you to Mrs Erasmus.


Shot Put

This week  for HPE was shot put.

First we had to go and listen to Mrs Erasmus cause she was teacing us how to do shot put.

Then when we saw  how to do it she let us have a turn but the girls were first and we had to cheer for each person that went up.

Next we all had a turn to do shot put.

Finally we had a game and we had to use all the bean bags to win and we had to throw it in soccer goal for 20 point hula hoops for 10 15 and to win. and team 1 was first and they’re point was 145. team 2 was my team and we were about to have  160 but one of my teamate went over a line and if you stand over the line then you get 5 point taking away so we had  155. so we  started to say good game to everybody on the way to class.

I did well atn throwing the ball far then ever one.

I did good at making it in the because i made it to interschool

I enjoyed learing how to do shot put



This week for HPE. I learned about rippa rugby. Rippa Rugby is a type of game that people throws the rugby ball and trys to pull off their tags.

First I had to do some passing with the ball to each others that was in our group. For example : If I got a ball I will run up and pass it to the person running up next.

Next I got into a real match. The Red vs The Yellow. They also had to wear a bip on so they know which colour or team they are vsing.

Lastly I had to say “Thank You Coach Tray”.

I enjoyed learning about rippa rugby. I did well at passing the ball. I need to improve on passing the ball more basic.