Tag: Maths

Figure it out

This week we  have be solving word problem.

First we had to making a googls sildes and we had to look for a partner to anwser the qustions.

Next we had to anwser the first qustion the  first qustion was what was the best day to host the gala??  in the qustions some teacher are at wedding and teacher going to kapa haka.

Lastly I bloged my task.


Basic facts

This week I did my basic facts which were additions.

First I needed to start with the stopwatch to time my self  and to see how fast I am at answering the questions.

Then I needed to show miss white or miss tele’a so 1 of them can tick my work.

Next we had to make a blog post about it and i had to stop my stopwatch and my time was 2 min and 25sec.

Finnaly we had to show 1 of our teacher our work.


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