Tag: PE


This week group A went to HPE. For HPE we learned about volleyball.

First I had to do a warm up. The warm up that we had to do was 20 burpees, 10 runs,  18 brupees, and 8 runs. I had to repeat it but our chest had to touch the ground and then we stop doing brupees.

Next we had to pick a partner and my partner was carlo we had to do some passing we had to bend our knees and pass the ball to our partner.

Then Miss Morris put us into number group and then we vs group 1 but it was not a real match.

Lastly we had to say thank you to the teacher that taught us for volley ball which was Miss Morris.

I enjoyed the passing the ball to my partner. I did well at catching the ball with my finger tips. I need to improve on running faster and doing brupees faster.

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