How to make a google form

This week for inquiry we had to make a google form about how to use.

so we are doing this because there are a PBS Gala coming up and we are trying to figure out what kids will get intersted in. LS1 are making pencil cases and bookmarks. The questions we asked talked about how many tokens they would spend on each, the colour, design, materials and shape.

I am excited for the PBS gala.

I did well at creating the questions.

I need to improve on asking different questions.


This week we went swimming at the Panmure pools.

First We had Do Some of Our Work And If we Finshed Our Work We could play games But Some people Finshed And Some Didn’t Finshed.

Then We had to get In our Swimming Gear.

Next We had to Go To the hall And wait In the Hall For Our Swimming groups

Last I had to do blog.

I did well at floting on my back.

I Enjoyed Swimming On my own. I need to improve on  trying float.

What is a Quality Blog Comment?

This week we did Cyber Smart about quality blog comments?  Quality blog comments need to : start with a greeting, be positive, be thoughtful, and also be helpful.  First we had to sit on the mat and wait for Mr Goodwin to tell us instructions. Then Mr Goodwin said just to copy he work but in our own words.  Our work was about commenting on blogs.  We went on his blog post and make a slide and commented on his work and we had to look at his work because our work was going to look a-bit like his.

Then we had to go on our table and do the work he told us but it was not easy. Some was easy and hard.

Multiple sport

This week for HPE was multiple sport and multiple is sport that is mix up.

First we had to sit down and we for instrution so we can know how to play.

Then coah dion to  say team blue or team red. and coach dion put me in team red so then we had to get in a line but in our team.

Next we had to wait so coah dion say football or hockey and  touch.

Finnaly we had to say thank you coah dion and he said we had to get a tenins ball.


Maths problem

This week we did maths problem.

First we had to make sildes about maths problems and they were addtions,take-way and deversion.

then we had to make our own problem for our partner so they can guess the anwser.

Next we had to write a blog about the maths problem.

Finnaly I had to show miss white my blog and work


Food labeling

This week for inqury was  Food lable. we were doing Food labeling.

First we had to get a partner and we needed to make a sildes and tell about the food lable

Then I had to go to the Food Labels slides and get a partner for it and I had to do Serving Size,Calorie Count,

Nutritional Facts,Ingredient List,Allergen Information.

Next I had to go and I had to do Can you guess what food product this is and do Contrasting and comparing 2 different food labels. Then I had to write the Define what it all means.

Finnaly we had to blog it


This week for reading was SSR .

First we I had to get our book and take a picture of the front cover.

Then we had to write about the story, The main characters and the word that we dont know and we had to write what we think what the word means in our own words .

Next we had to read our book for 15 minute .

Finnaly we had to blog it

Basic facts

This week I did my basic facts which were additions.

First I needed to start with the stopwatch to time my self  and to see how fast I am at answering the questions.

Then I needed to show miss white or miss tele’a so 1 of them can tick my work.

Next we had to make a blog post about it and i had to stop my stopwatch and my time was 2 min and 25sec.

Finnaly we had to show 1 of our teacher our work.


How to wash your hands

This week we learned How to wash your hands.

first we had to sit on the mat so we know what we have to do but you had to finshed off your work that you did yesterday because some people didn’t know what to do. So then we had to make a Dlo about how to wash your hands but you had to the same as the work that we did yesterday but putting photo of your self doing the thing you had to do to put it on your dlo you did about washing your hands.

Then we had to share it to your partner or the teacher and  then you had to make sildes about it so you can tell how you wash your hands and you will now hacve clean hands.

Next we had to make a blog about how you wash your hands and how to get the germs of your hands cause when you touch like  a fruit then you will put germs  on so thatb why you should wash your hands before touching stuff.

Finnaly we had to show miss white our blog and then we need to make a dlo and show how you wash your hands and take picture showing you doing it.

Ki O Rahi

This week for HPE was Ki O Rahi.

First we had to listen to coach lucas about the instuctions  for the game but we had to play paper scissors rock to get in team yellow or team red but the coach said year 5 and 4 in red team and year 6 in yellow team.

Then 2 preson from the red team had to go in the middle and some people from the red team had to make a circle. And the yellow team had a ball and the ball was a key. You had to go around the pole and use the key to unlock the pole to get a point for your team. Every pole you touch with the key  that how much point you get for your team. but the red team had to defend the yellow team so the yellow team doesn’t get a point.

Next we had 2 game  and we veser the year 6 but the time was fast so the the red team and yellow team had to switch side and we had to the same thing that the red team did.

Finally we switch side again and we had to throw the key to our teamates so they can put the key in the door so the red team get a point for their own team. I enjoyed  scoreing the point i need to inprove on sharing the key i did good at riping their tags off.